Printing on Hats and Nylon Jackets

* The Ultimate doesn’t take up any more additional space in your shop. It’s small, fast and easy to use.
* Once the Ultimate Base Unit attaches to your rotary press, you never have to take it off.
* You will be able to print 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch athletic numbers of any style font on any garment.
* Print athletic number and custom logos on bags, shorts, hats, jackets pant legs and sleeves with ease using the Ultimate Interchangeable Pallet System
* Screen Printing a logo and number in the same process without taking the garment off your pallet decreases your production time.
* Go from an order that requires athletic numbers to an order that requires a jacket print without breaking down your press or changing your pallet.
* Burn your own number screens with the Ultimate Burning Jig, eliminating down time waiting for screens from your vendor.

Having Problems Screen Printing Athletic Numbers?

Here’s the Solution!

To Order:

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