FreshCloz – New Revolutionary Ozonic Technology

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FreshCloz generates Ozone and Circulates the O3 through garments eliminating odors, neutralizing germs and bacteria, which cause bad odors. Using FreshCloz saves on dry cleaning bills, laundry costs, and preserves your clothes.

It’s like having a dry cleaner in your closet. * Save Money on cleaning bills * Remove odors like smoke, perfume and perspiration * Freshen & Deodorize Clothing

For your Home or Office
Use for Dresses, Coats, Suits, Hats, Gloves, Shoes, Shirts, and Scarves.
Freshens, Deodorizes and helps kill germs – Garment care has never been so easy! It’s like having a dry cleaner in your closet.

Packaging includes * FreshCloz Device * Customized Garment Bag * Accessory Bag * Wrinkle Remover * Scent Neutralizer * Pillow Sanitizer bag * Four C Batteries

All for $99.95 +
Shipping & Handling

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