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Printful – Hat embroidery tutorial

Printful – Hat embroidery tutorial

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This video tutorial takes you through the steps of creating well formatted embroidery files for your designs includng all the “dos” and “dont’s” of 3D Puff and flat embroidery, as well as patrial 3D embroidery and main guidelines for adding side logos on caps.

Step by step:
1. Embroidery basics: 0:05
2. 3D Puff embroidery: 1:05
3. Flat embroidery: 1:41
4. Partial 3D embroidery: 2:37
5. Measuring tool in Adobe Illustrator: 2:53
6. Side logo embroidery: 3:07
7. Maximum stitch count: 3:25
8. Saving embroidery files: 3:40

Embroidery guidelines:
Embroidery file and mockup generator tutorial:


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